instant cell/urban survivor@DIARC@Afragola Film Festival

– Workshop
Tiny Mini Micro – Houses
The tiny house concept, already well known in Germany but not yet widespread in Italy, has garnered great success with the public. The programme includes a workshop with the Italian-German architect Silvio Motta , creator of the “Instant Cell / Urban Survivor cell structure designed for the homeless.

The workshop will involve the construction of a “survival cell” using salvaged materials.

The Workshop takes place in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples Department of Architecture (DIARC)



design with Ezio Pescatori

Project of a survival cell for the urban homeless
drawing of a mobile cart for the transport of objects that it is at the same time also an emergency accommodation adapted to be operated in an urban environment

A minimal survival living cell has been developed by observing the spontaneous behavior of the homeless in the city. The characteristics are those of a light element of small size (size of the cart) easily movable in an urban environment (streets, sidewalks, stairs, urban parks), adaptable to different transport needs (survival and personal property) and that may, in a static position , be opened and contain a bed protected. The design of the cart enables flexible use of the same thanks to mobile containers and hanging hook elements and the possibility of sitting inside, then it is equipped with solar panels that provide minimum energy independence, (indoor light/ mini heating).
Key Features:
1) Lightness and maneuverability of the structure
2) Strength of materials
3) Thermal insulation
4) Practicality and simplicity of use
5) Recognizability of design (attractive design that wants to redefine the negative

value usually associated with the homeless)

instant cell:urban survivor from silvio motta on Vimeo.

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